To solve the case, we needed someone with special abilities.

What secrets do Watson and Sherlock Bee’s mother have?
The door of my past begins to open.
Jessie trying to get into a nightmare to find a break
Billy runs into a miserable past.

Review and storyline of the 15th season of the British drama Iregulus”

The fifth episode of “Eregular” begins with the past of Rain and Jess’ mother Alice.
Sherlock Holmes saved his life from a hypnotized singer.
I’ve been wondering since the end of the fourth episode.
Sherlock John Alice What was their relationship like?

Rain dragged Holmes by his mother’s grave.
Rain is trying to dig up secrets about his mother and information about the gap for his brother Jess.
In his heyday, he tried to show off his reasoning skills by setting it up, but could it be because of severe opium poisoning?
The reasoning was terrible, and there was no image of Sherlock Holmes anywhere.

Where’s Sherlock?

Holmes, who was in charge of investigation counsel in the past, got acquainted with Watson while he was a house mate, and needed someone with special abilities to solve the bizarre incidents that kept happening.

Sherlock Holmes, who became involved with Alice, who had the ability to do so.

Childhood rain and now rain… Oh, my God.

Rain wants Jess to know about the conversation with Holmes, but refuses to listen to him directly.
In the meantime, the rumor of my mother’s charm has been resolved to her in a conversation like that.

What’s the beginning of this Regulus?

Sherlock Holmes John Watson Alice, who created their own team called “Non-regular Forces” by solving unexplained cases.
I got a tattoo on the Iregulus symbol, but Watson wasn’t the only one?

Alice, who quickly got closer as she solved the case.
The look of Watson staring at them? Did you like Alice?
When Rain speculated about Alice and Holmes’ relationship, suspicions began to sprout, which he thought might not be.

Rain, who clearly remembers the story of mother Alice’s scream that she heard from her landlord, Mrs. Hudson.
Holmes explains that her screams are not because of torture or bullying, but because of nightmares.
That thing that Jess is suffering from…

Jess, who is trying to resist fear deep into her nightmare to find out about the gap, has a completely terrifying experience and begins to show symptoms of sleepwalking again.

Rio, who was injured as he left the palace, is still groaning.
He’s been sick since childhood, and he seems to have a lot of complexity in his body.
Rain is upset and angry because Rio doesn’t show where he hurts and explain why.
But Leo is good, right?

It is certain that there is a clue to the nightmare, but with growing fear, Alice continued to suffer and in the midst of this unusual incident, Holmes.
Alice persuades Holmes, blinded by fame, to leave. Don’t let the whole thing in.
I thought Watson liked Alice, but she was so sarcastic about her…
I was thinking, “What’s wrong with you, Holmes”? What do you mean?

Iregulus investigated a bizarre case in which the body was stolen.
Alice begins to track the incident with the clues she gets.
Holmes, who tracked down the clues, but didn’t do much.
He is shocked that his reasoning was wrong for the first time in his life.

And Jess was born.

The child of Holmes and Alice… It’s a two-sister. then

Holmes vaguely realized that Alice could close the gap.
To him, Alice seemed deeply disappointed, as he was only thinking of gaining fame.

Meanwhile, Watson came to me saying she found a gap.
In the place where she visited according to Watson’s reasoning, Alice sees the executioner who always terrorized her in her dreams.
And a gap of discovery.

Alice intuitively realizes that if she leaves the gap, the world will turn upside down.
Alice, as she approached the gap, was caught in the gap. The gap that sucked her in closed.
Like swallowing an offering.
I’ve been trying to save Alice from being sucked into a rift. Rain’s shock, which he knew his 토렌트맵 mother fell into the river and committed suicide, is great.

Holmes, who has been suspicious of his behavior, saying that he suddenly found clues about the gap and resentment against Watson who attracted him, not Alice, when Alice was sucked in.

On the other hand, Billy finds the head of the Gu Bin-won, who has always hit the rain hard, and finds out that all the stories about his father, who he believed to be a soldier, are lies.
It was the same story that nurses used to tell boys in the nursing home.

And Rain and Leo…I’ve been flirting with Rio, the rain.

Oh, I thought Holmes was not my father, but he even said he was my father.

Holmes couldn’t handle the feelings of losing Alice, abandoned Jess and Rain, and became a nuisance due to severe drug addiction.
But the past of the sisters who neglected the blood left by their loved ones and turned away even Watson. What do I do?

I thought he was just a character with the same name, and I saw him, but I can’t help it if it’s a disappointing setting.
Today, the rain was all over the place again and again, and it ended after frowning.

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