leather overlay with dior luxury bags repair

Dior bag is in stock. This product

I’m gonna need to put some leather in my bag

You visited our store in person.

If you can accept it and you can visit the store

You can accept it after visiting the store

In the case of visiting the store or receiving the courier service,

There is no big difference. The warehousing proceeds in order

So there’s no big difference, as much as you trust me

If you could wait a little while, you’d make me look pretty

I’ll give it back!

Actually, he said this product is a valuable bag

The original original is leather on the ring

I don’t think it’s leather, so

I’m going to put on the same leather as the original

You did. You can’t repair the same condition as the original one

I’ll make it the most similar

In the case of luxury bags, we’re going to make it better

You should think of it as a new one

We can’t make it the same

You should think of it as a fix, but it’s more satisfying

It goes up:) but always do your best

Yes, sir. The worker is always meticulous and delicate

I’m working on it. I’m working on it with plenty of time

I’m working on it

There should be leather on the inside, but there’s no skin on it

I’m going to put some leather on the inside, too

You want to know what bag will be completed by repairing the bag?

Then I’ll start working right away

Ta-zan-diol gas line is complete. First

the leather is formed in the front top of bag

I can confirm that there’s as much heterogeneity as possible

it cuts to the leather and the similar position size so that it may not

The repairs have been made. Take a closer look

I’ll do it!

There was no leather, but we separated both rings and then put them on

I have to work as hard as I can to avoid any heterogeneity

It’s 100% hand-crafted, so it may not be perfect

I would appreciate it if you could refer to the benefits

The stitching progresses by hand with one sweat

Yes, sir. The stitching hole is hand-drawn

I have to get through it. I’m thinking of a luxury bag

It’s a very handy task, but

I’m working on everything I care about

We’re a specialist in luxury bags dyeing and repair

Based on many work experiences, it is good to have satisfaction

I’m completing it with a product

I can’t satisfy 100% of everyone

the product in which it is high satisfaction is met

I’m doing my best:)

The inside of the dior bag is also covered with leather

Completed. With the 레플리카 most similar leather

We’re done making leather, we’re going to go to the market

I’m working on it after I bought it myself

But there may not be the same leather, and the pattern

It’s a little bit different, so it’s perfectly

It’s not the same. There may be color differences

Please note the benefits

This is how the Dior bag leather overlay has been repaired

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